A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a small game we made for Mini Jam 44: New Year!  As you might guess the game is New Years themed, as you play as a firework trying to get as high as possible. Avoid hitting the things in your way, you only have three lives!  Can you see all the things that await you in space?

A limitation set by the jam was that you may only use 3 inputs.  Those are left, right, and up (or W, A, D depending on your preference).  Intuitively, they tilt and speed up.  Nothing complicated here.

Game made in Unity.  All code done by Clanga, and all graphics done by Sanqui.  Game made in three days!

Background credits - Creative Commons:


Phirew0rk_Windows64.zip 24 MB
Phirew0rk_Windows32.zip 22 MB
Phirew0rk_Linux.zip 25 MB
Phirew0rk_osx.app.zip 24 MB


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Awesome game man!  I had a blast and it really helped motivate me to keep pushing for the home stretch! 

Made me think of an old sega game, something random off the sega channel.